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Hydrogen Europe cooperates with Hydrogen Egypt (H²EG)

#COP27 was the perfect moment to officially start an in-depth cooperation between Hydrogen Europe and newly founded Hydrogen Egypt (H²EG). Khaled Nageib with his experience in engineering and port management, together with Dalia Samir are ideal Interlocutors in order to strengthen the ties between #Egypt and the #europeanunion. The huge potential of #renewableenergy, the proximity to the European markets, the existing infrastructure and the #hydrogen activities in the المنطقة الاقتصادية لقناة السويس SCZONE (Suez Canal Economic Zone) are some of many assets for a strong Hydrogen partnership. The ongoing preparations for a pipeline connecting #Egypt via #Greece and #Italy with #Europe is another important factor. The cooperation also enhances the existing partnership between Hydrogen Europe and the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP), represented by AHP SecGen Siegfried Huegemann.

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