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Mission of our LinkedIn platform

is to support the hydrogen technologies development and implementation of hydrogen economy in Egypt and Middle East. We are partners of PAI & CMB.

Regarding COP27 we can Help our members participating in person, to participate as Speaker, Panelist and demonstrating of technology and to show case your proposed project at the highest levels. Also we help in arranging COP logistics and accommodation. 
We aim to help in the promoting / investing and operating in Hydrogen projects in order to accelerate the clean energy transition to unleash affordable green hydrogen, that will truly help to decarbonize all African and Middle East global markets. 

Our objective is: 

1 supports and aligns with companies interested to work in HYDROGEN in Egypt or anywhere.
2 keeping new comers and members at the forefront of news, views and progress in hydrogen energy markets and new technologies solutions. 
3 It provides a unique area for investors and operators who look for opportunities in Egypt or worldwide to invest or operate or look for partnership. 
4 The platform defines, represents, supports, defends and promotes rightful and common interest to all its members with the objective to create an environment suitable for the hydrogen economy development.


Here are proposed areas of cooperation and discussion;

Bunkering for vessels
We are having our first requirements from our partners that have hydrogen and ammonia off take requirements for their vessels and port equipment.

Port Functionality
Our company EPDG has the local knowledge of ports and logistics in Egypt, having conducted many studies.  Additionally, we have engaged with Ministry of Petroleum together with our partners Port of Antwerp International, having just finished together 
Off Take of Hydrogen and Ammonia for Export
Off Take of Hydrogen for local Hydrogen requirements in Egypt
Connectivity with local projects
Creating awareness of Hydrogen application COP27
Research - Publications

EPDG the sister company is Established in April 2014 (under Egyptian laws), to serve the Arab Republic of Egypt, recognizing the demand for additional port space and services while supplying commercial options for Abu Qir, IDKU and Safaga ports.

Diverse international partners, recognized in the Oil & Gas industry, nationally and internationally.

Active in developing, renovating and refurbishing ports and port facilities.

Develops new concept logistical products and aliening with reliable strategic partners to support our vision of safe reliable and efficient multi-user supply bases.

Offers cohesive logistic and marine based services for upstream, downstream and deep water activities.

Planners and developers of the modern, privately owned container terminal, for an energy Hub

Now We are Western Silverline and Egyptian Ports Development Group, both companies are forming Egyptian Hydrogen Company (H²EG) .  The history of the companies is in equipment and industrial projects covering gas and petrochemical technology, project development and operations, with background as well in heavy equipment and transport solutions.

Our company EPDG has interest in introducing services into main activities board services and all and guys requirement supplies and recently it has been involved in Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen activities oil/gas and market In Egypt has long history and is currently very promising especially with the current available large facilities 

1- OIL & GAS upstream activities with latest huge gas discoveries - considered to be the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea.

2- 14 refineries [One of them is recently constructed and is about to start production and will be one of the biggest refineries in the Middle East].

3- for Petrochemicals factories two are currently under establishment to be six factories.

4- LNG facilities for guys export [Egypt is planning to export again by 2020 as a stopped export since 2011).

5- we are involved in running gas operated buses and vehicles, covering the full spectrum of CNG supply stations, vehicle conversion

6- Egypt is currently planning to be regional energy hub.

7- Petroleum sector includes two giant state-owned companies, one of them is engineering company named Enppi and other is construction company named Petrojet and Goëthe are leading many EPC megaprojects [inside and outside Egypt]

Recently We are breaking through Egypt’s overall renewable energy and decarbonization ambitions. Aligning with Gov strategy, our role is to identify counter parts and bodies to have dialog with Egyptian side on administrative and commercial levels.

identify companies for these areas for short demos and long term presence in Egypt, and to get a head start by introducing French companies to the Egyptian market covering all aspects of the Hydrogen value chain.

We can initiate dialogue between European bodies and Egyptian counterpart to demonstrate viability and actual projects that have worked out these areas of concern.

We are well connected with Egypt Gov bodies the Ministry of Electricity and Ministry of Petroleum, as they are responsible for Egypt Hydrogen Strategy and Implementation, and the below mention is capturing the current status.

As for Hydrogen, Egypt has embarked on its plans to develop Hydrogen projects, the Ministry of Electricity has established a special unit to develop National Hydrogen Plan.  First Hydrogen project already launched and they have open door policy to submit proposals for Hydrogen projects.  There is strong Government support for adoption of Hydrogen as part of the Egyptian energy equation.

For further background elaboration, ourselves Egyptian Ports Development Group (EPDG), with more than twenty years in the areas of ports and industry, working as developers and operators in Egypt. Together as local partner for Port of Antwerp International (PAI), together we have established important track record via several projects, with relevant government stakeholders (see list of bodies below) and private industry, meaning to say that PAI is a well-recognized entity in Egypt now. Together, we are well positioned to work together with CMB to achieve Egypt objectives.

We are the local partner of Port of Antwerp international

PAI  have signed an MOU with Mop which is the product of the 2 years EU Egypt Delegation funded program and is to build on the results with MoP projects such petroleum products transportation by river Nile and petroleum ports development and know how transfer from Port of Antwerp International which is the number one European Energy Hub Port, as witnessed by the recent MoP delegation that had a working visit to Port of Antwerp.

Further reference is made to the Ministry of Petroleum official delegation visit several months to the Port of Antwerp, which included visit and hydrogen boat ride at CMB station.  This visit was the conclusion of two year PAI/FLUXYS/EPDG project with MoP, which financed by EU Delegation Egypt, to support Egypt Energy Hub ambition. The project has just been successfully completed.  The project has further enhanced relationships, established references and provided strong framework to engage on further energy projects in Egypt. Additionally, Port of Antwerp International is currently involved in Hydrogen project in Egypt, which further enhances engagement in such future projects.

Also we are the partner of the Belgium company CMB who is one of the pioneers in the development of hybrid Diesel/H2 engines, providing engines and engine conversions for hydrogen/diesel applications in the areas of vessels, trucks, generators and equipment, with a commercial model that could involve conversion/lease back of equipment. CMB have several projects for fleets of equipment that operate on hydrogen/diesel and already have a fleet of dual fuel ships in operations, CMB expected to have its first H2/NH3 ship in operations


In conclusion, Egypt is very receptive to Hydrogen projects, EPDG is well positioned to support PAI and CMB and any other companies  objectives in Egypt aligned with Gov approach to use green Hydrogen.

We need potential partners for Egypt hydrogen projects and We feel very confident that Egyptian stakeholders and potential business partners in Egypt, will engage with any partner with enthusiasm.  We therefore recommend and support any new partner to come visit Egypt to see the facts and meet the people on the ground in Egypt.  We need about one to two weeks notice to firm up final plan when agreed.


We would like to propose two aspects to the type of meetings for full overview of Egyptian market.

Aspect 1: Meeting with potential Egyptian business partners, for evaluation of the potential future partners, for introductions without commitments of course.

Aspect 2: Meeting and interaction with support bodies and government entities that would be the administrative areas in the areas of planning, regulations, and contractual areas.

More specifically, meeting with potential Egyptian partners

Arab Organization for Industries (AOI): Is a quasi-governmental organization involved in running gas operated buses and vehicles, covering the full spectrum of CNG supply stations, vehicle conversion and so on.  They also produce solar panels and are involved in solar energy production and have other important industrial production capabilities. Finally AOI has direct decision making reporting directly to the Presidency. They have special economic and administrative status which will facilitate project start up.


SUMED: is strategic petroleum products, storage and transport company straddling the Mediterranean and Red Sea and connecting/leveraging and arbitrage, with bunkering infrastructure in the Red Sea.  SUMED could be interested in hydrogen bunkering to clients, running its fleet of tugs and vessel on hydrogen. SUMED is a very independent legal International entity which will facilitate administrative interfaces.


Alexandria Port Authority (APA): this is Egypt gateway port and most important logistics hub.  Current leadership is very progressive and has strong relationships with PAI and EPDG.  This port is launching framework for firsts in any areas, such our potential hydrogen project.  In any case we will find that we will for sure have engagement with this important port.  Furthermore APA has a large fleet of tugs and port equipment and is good candidate for hydrogen powered equipment.  Last APA has very good connectivity with petrochemicals grid.

Will add other potential partners as we are evaluation few more to add to this list.

Part 2: Meeting and interaction with support bodies

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