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The H²EG Members will support and promote

  • Support and strive to achieve the climate targets of the Paris Agreement as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Promote NATURAL (NATIVE) and GREEN HYDROGEN as a clean, renewable and sustainable energy carrier and feedstock to achieve the transition to net zero emission societies.

  • Recognize that hydrogen can be produced in many ways and that there are different carbon free/neutral hydrogen production pathways in order to enable a zero-emission society.

  • Cooperate in the transition of energy generation, transportation, consumption and sector coupling to hydrogen, fuel cell and related technologies as well as the promotion of a strong Egyptian hydrogen industry incorporating these systems and technologies.

  • Promote fair business practice and provide the necessary support to facilitate the establishment of Egyptian hydrogen value chains.

The H²EG Members will support and promote

To reach these objectives, the following activities will be carried out:

  • Quarterly implementation calls between all parties

  • Strong cooperation for COP27 (meetings, events) and post COP27 follow up

  • Facilitate hydrogen trade deal between International partners and Egypt, notably within International frameworks such as framework of the Mediterranean Hydrogen partnership and other international frameworks

  • Strong cooperation for (Egyptian speakers) at International events

  • Facilitate meetings between International partners, EU, and Egyptian policy and businesses communities for commercial projects

  • Organize joint  workshops/public events on specific topics of mutual interests (policy, technology, project development, access to funding, market)

We are members of UN Global Compact: It's #goodforbusiness to demand peace! We are advocating for the #TenPrinciples of the UN Global Compact and the #GlobalGoals. #UnitingBusiness

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mitigation of climate change objectives cannot be achieved by one country or one region alone, but can be achieved by a collective, cooperative, concentrated dedicated global effort, therefore Egypt International Hydrogen Alliance is oriented towards aligning its self and cooperating with like - minded organizations worldwide that share same objective.

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