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Egypt, API, EPDG Sign Development MoU

Following the close collaboration over the years to support Egypt in becoming an energy hub, Port of Antwerp International “PAI” together with their local partner Egyptian Port Development Group “EPDG” are excited to have signed an MOU with the Minister of Petroleum during EGYPS 2022 to continue the process in the energy transition, EPDG said in a statement.

“We have signed this agreement during EGYPS to work together with the Ministry of Petroleum (MoP) on port development in Egypt, river transportation, safety and green hydrogen,” Dalia Samir, Business Development Director at EPDG, told Egypt Oil & Gas.

Egypt is strategically located to function as a bunker & energy hub and has assets to play an important role in the production and export of hydrogen. This is the next step in strengthening our relationship with Egypt for a more sustainable future, PAI announced.

To encourage this process, PAI together with their local partner EPDG will continue to support Egypt in the development of its leading role toward a more sustainable future.

Recently PAI and EPDG completed EU funded project covering bunkering, gas trading and on site visit to the port of Antwerp.

Parties shall commence and proceed in good faith to explore the potentials and pursue projects in support of Ministry of Petroleum and Egypt Energy Hub plans, using PAI experience in ports enhancement, management, and operation.

A future-oriented approach in developing and optimizing its port platforms is essential to keep the performance as an excellent logistics hub. Therefore, Port of Antwerp International will lend its expertise in green field development, port diagnostics and operational excellence, with safety as a top priority, the company said.

In support of APEC-Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center, the assessment of training needs and tailor-made training will be an excellent way of exchanging knowledge between Antwerp and Egypt in creating the necessary local expertise to turn projects into a long-term success.

“We look forward to strengthening the collaboration and working towards a sustainable future,” Samir said.

The MoU scope of work includes the business support and know-how transfer, including assessment of the two-year EU Egypt Delegation funded project and the MoP and PAI cooperation for supporting Egypt Energy Hub Ambitions. The scope of work further includes river transportation of petroleum products, business concept, model and feasibility review and validation, port cross-services either for revenue generation or competitiveness, hydrogen handling infrastructure, training and capacity building.

Port of Antwerp is the largest port in Europe and contributes about 5% of the Belgian economy. The Antwerp port is also the largest refining trading storage, transport and energy trading hub in Europe.

PAI Company has international relations and Port activities network in Africa, Asia, and South America and currently exists in many African countries and ports in countries such as Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and Angola.

Egyptian Ports Development Group “EPDG” is the local partner of Antwerp and has deep local knowledge and capabilities supporting Egyptian projects.

Attendees who witnessed the signing of MOU with H.E. the Minister of Petroleum were Khaled Nageib, CEO of EPDG; Dalia Samir, EPDG Business Development Director; Kristof Warerschoot, PAI Chairman; Stefan Cassimon, PAI Port Manager; Rodolphe de la Faille, Fluxys Business Developer; Mahmoud Nagy, Minister Assistant for Distributing & Transporting Petrol products, Alaa Hagar, undersecretary, Head, MO of Central Administration of the MoP’s technical Office; and Francois Cornet D’Elzius, Belgium Ambassador in Egypt.

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