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Green hydrogen agreements and a new virus outbreak lead the talk shows

Green hydrogen dominated the airwaves last night after the government signed framework agreements for nine hydrogen and ammonia facilities that could be worth up to USD 83 bn (more on this in this morning’s news well, above).

Kelma Akhira’s Lamis El Hadidi focused on the signed agreements with global firms, with SCZone head Walid Gamal El Din telling El Hadidi that Egypt aims to become a hub for green fuel and its exports, which he said the “world would need over the upcoming 50-100 years” as it transitions away from fossil fuels (watch, runtime: 10:16). Output from the first phase of production can be delivered to Europe via ship, he said, expecting the fuel to be transported later in the next 10 to 15 years through pipelines to Europe through Greece or Cyprus. Plots are offered to investors under the scheme through the usufruct system or having the SCZone and other entities as partners in return for revenues, he said.

The news is also getting coverage from Masaa DMC (watch, runtime: 9:37) and (watch, runtime: 5:23) and Ala Mas’ouleety (watch, runtime: 5:59)

International Cooperation Minister Rania Al Mashat discussed the government’s NWFE initiative with El Hadidi (watch, runtime: 10:18). She highlighted the importance of the program in drawing climate finance, saying that projects under the program were concessional with repayment period ranging from 20 to 30 years and a grace period of five years.

A new debt swap segment has been added under the NWFE program with Germany, Al Mashat said (watch, runtime: 5:28) with the agreement focused on the program’s energy projects. “We already have the institutional form or governance of debt swaps with Germany since 2015,” she said, signaling the government’s readiness to add new debt swaps with other countries in the coming months and years.

More French companies are interested in Egypt’s green hydrogen ambitions: A French delegation of 30 companies are interested in investing in green hydrogen in Egypt, Dalia Samir, director of budding industry association Hydrogen Egypt (H2EG). told Ala Mas’ouleety (watch, runtime: 4:54).

Most of the nation’s talk shows had coverage of a new virus causing worry among parents: Shows interviewed a number of health experts to discuss the respiratory syncytial virus, which seems to be highly-transmissive and disproportionately affecting children. Its symptoms are similar to flu, including higher body temperatures and a sore throat. The Education Ministry has denied rumors that it has suspended studies because of the outbreak, and said it has upped preventative measures at schools. Kelma Akhira (watch, runtime: 7:58), Masaa DMC (watch, runtime: 3:05) and Ala Mas’ouleety (watch, runtime: 3:05) all had coverage.

Also on the airwaves last night:

  • Another 30 detainees have been released following a presidential pardon. (Yahduth Fi Masr | watch, runtime: 7:06)

  • President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s follow-up meeting on progress related to New Abu Qir, which will be the first Egyptian city to be built on an island in the Mediterranean. (Ala Mas’ouleety | watch, runtime: 6:10)

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